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You can have your own custom videos made to the way you want.   Pretty much anything goes.  Mosltly.  Fill out the form for inquiry.

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Jeff Centauri aka the Hollywood Ninja offers entertainment unlike any other.  Full of action and adventures, Hollywood Ninja is the place to see videos custom made for you.


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Our Activities

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Action Projects

Action in Paradise

We've already started filming the sequel to Low Blow Connection entitled, Low Blow Streets.

It will feature various exotic locations in the Philippines.

Virtual Reality

Games and Movies

Our first game is a Fighting game.  It is still in early development so we are still creating many assets for the production of the game.

As far as the VR movie is concerned, it will also be an action VR experience!

More updates to come.

Custom Videos

What would you want to see?

At Hollywood Ninja, our number one priority is to create custom videos the way you want to see them.  We create videos that just aren't made commercially.

If you have any ideas of what you would like to see, shoot me a message.

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