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Frequently Asked Questions

When you make a video purchase, the video will be automatically unlocked on the video page and you can start watching it or you can also download it.  Downloads are enabled only on PC, Laptop, and some Tablets (please see photo for reference.  For mobile devices, you can only watch it online.

If you do not see the PLAY button, refresh the page.  If you still do not see it, please close and open the browser, then log in to the site and navigate to the video title you purchased.  In very rare occasions if you still cannot see the play button, please restart your device and log in to the page again.  You will be able to access it.

Photos and Video purchases made in the Shop will give you both the Download button right away and an email receipt with the download link.


We create original custom videos that you would like to see and are not available
anywhere. You are given a choice of talents that you would like to see in the videos and
the scenarios could be almost any way you want. The story, if any, can be tailor-made to
your liking or you could provide it. And the action is the very best that you can find

The videos are shot with high-end Cinema Cameras. Videos are captured in 6k raw format
and can be delivered in 1080p HD, Ultra HD 4k resolution, and Ultra HD 8k resolution,
although the price would extend to accommodate the longer times and power required to
edit and render videos in 8k.

If you are interested in ordering a custom, please message me what ideas you have.

All the Best, 

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